Dr. Amanda Brown

Practice Owner, DVM

On July 1, 2018 Stonewall resident Dr. Amanda Brown became the sole owner of the Stonewall Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Brown began her career at the Stonewall Veterinary Clinic under Dr. Catrysse after graduating from the University of Saskatchewan Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. From there she spent time working at the Winnipeg Humane Society Veterinary clinic while she was starting a family. She returned as a relief vet at the Stonewall Veterinary Clinic in 2012. In 2015 she became a quarter owner, and has found serving her community very rewarding.

Dr. Brown is excited about this new opportunity at the Stonewall Veterinary Hospital. She is committed to continue to strive to offer excellence in pet health and wellness care with the exceptional team here. In addition to offering a Fear Free environment and an Integrative approach to Veterinary medicine, her future goals include bringing further rehabilitation services, palliative care and ultrasound our practice.

She would like to thank all the professionals, clients, friends and family who have helped make this dream a reality.

Dr. Brown and her husband, Winnipeg advanced care paramedic Gavin Broadbent, are bringing up their family in Stonewall. Their two sons attend school here, and are active in both sports and arts programs within the community. They share their home with and assortment of pets, include a geriatric 3-legged chihuahua, a chihuahua adoptee, two cats, ball python, a leopard gecko, and four male guppies.

In addition to Veterinary practice and motherhood, Dr. Brown directs the South Interlake division of the Kids Of Mud, a Manitoba wide mountain bike club for kids age 6-13.

She wishes everyone a safe and happy year for themselves and their pets.



Kim was brought on as a veterinary assistant and receptionist in the summer of 2019, after returning to the workforce after her last maternity leave. In the spring of 2020 she took on the role of manager at the Stonewall Veterinary Hospital.

Kim moved to Manitoba when she immigrated with her parents from the Netherlands in 2004. She graduated from Stonewall Collegiate and pursued a career in culinary arts before starting her own family.

She met her husband while she was working as a racehorse groom at Assiniboia Downs. Together they are raising their three energetic children just outside of Stonewall. They share their home with a rambunctious Great Dane, two chihuahuas, their foster-fail rescue, a cat and a rabbit. In addition to her work here, and motherhood, Kim also has her own photography business. In her free time she enjoys traveling, crafting, cooking and horseback riding.



Angela graduated from the Animal Health Technologist program at Red River in 1998 and joined our practice in December 2011. She has been an active RVT since her graduation, both in small and large animal practice. Angela brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and is an integral part of our team!

Angela enjoys the different day to day interactions with our clients and their pets. She also enjoys taking part in continuing education to improve her knowledge and skills in order to give your pet the best care possible. Angela is the driving force behind many initiatives within our clinic walls, such as becoming a fear free practice.

Angela and her family share their home with a menagerie of dogs, cats, fish, chickens, horses, a donkey, and a lonesome duck. Her daughter shares her love of all animals and during their free time they can be found in the barn spending time with their four legged family, or hitting the trails with the horses.



Autumn joined our team in the Winter of 2018 as a second year Veterinary Technologist student. In May of 2019, upon her graduation from Red River, we welcomed her into her current position if Registered Veterinary Technologist.

Autumn has been a great addition to our veterinary family and has made many four legged and two legged friends here. During her free time, she enjoys playing soccer and going camping with her family and dog Harlow.

Autumn organizes CAAB and is our in-clinic nutrition advocate!


Veterinary Assistant / RVT in training

Drew joined the Stonewall Veterinary Hospital team in 2021 as a veterinary assistant. She recently took an exciting opportunity to work at the animal disease laboratory in Winnipeg and has decided to pursue getting her RVT certification.
Drew is looking forward to starting her program and growing in her career. She will be taking her course by correspondence which means she will be here in the clinic working with our RVT’s and can continue to help you and your pets!

Drew has a passion for animal welfare and loves both companion animals and livestock. She grew up in small town Manitoba and has embraced country living as an adult.
Her husband is a dairy farmer, and Drew enjoys helping at the farm. In addition to the dairy cows on the farm they share their home with their St. Bernard mix, Boscoe, two cats, Dot and Pip, and a big fluffy rabbit named Earl.
In her spare time Drew enjoys gardening and spending time with her family.

We are thrilled that Drew is back and can’t wait to see what this journey brings for her.


Veterinary Assistant

Sydney has had a love for animals since she was very young. She spent a lot of her childhood at her grandparents cattle farm and saw herself working with animals one day.

Sydney grew up in Stonewall and moved to the Winnipeg as a newly wed with her husband.

Sydney shares her home with her husband, son and their very energetic husky, Nora. They enjoy spending their free time outside, hiking and camping. Sydney graduated from Robertson College in the Veterinary Office Assistant program in 2019 and we were thrilled that she is back!


Veterinary Assistant

Marissa joined our team in October 2020. Marissa grew up in the Interlake area and has always had a love for animals, especially small rodents and cats.
Marissa loves working within her community and building lasting relationships with the people and pets that come through the door.
In her free time Marissa enjoys fishing/ice fishing, paddle boarding and spending time with friends and family.
Marissa shares her home with her three rambunctious cats Minnie, Ivy & Pepper.


Veterinary Assistant

Maegan has always had a passion for animals and found her way to veterinary medicine after working in the human healthcare field for over 8 years.

Maegan has two dogs of her own (Winnie and Phoenix) and one cat named Monty. Her passion lies in understanding canine body language, and positive reinforcement behavior modification.

In her spare time, she can be found curled up with a book, or out hiking (with her dogs of course). She also enjoys participating in dog agility classes and teaching them new tricks.


Veterinary Assistant

Inna and her husband Andrii relocated to Canada from Ukraine due to the war.

In the Ukraine, Inna worked as a Veterinarian for two years. At the Stonewall Veterinary Hospital Inna is working as a Veterinary Assistant while she works toward getting her Canadian Veterinarian Qualifications.
Inna is super popular with all of our patients! Her gentle and intuitive nature gives our patients the confidence to put on their bravest faces for diagnostics in the treatment room.

Inna’s favourite part of veterinary medicine is obstetrics. Inna is enjoying Manitoba because it looks a lot like part of the Ukraine that she grew up in, with all of our expansive open fields.

Inna has a cat in the Ukraine that she loves dearly and is hoping to bring to Canada. She also loves cooking, baking and sharing meals with friends and family.


Veterinary Assistant

Andrii and his wife Inna relocated to Canada from the Ukraine due to the war.

In the Ukraine, Andrii worked as a Veterinarian for three years. At the Stonewall Veterinary Hospital Andrii is working as a Veterinary Assistant while he works toward attaining his Veterinary license in Canada.
His quiet and gentle demeanor is soothing to even the most nervous of patients. He is a skilled and confident animal handler, and a great help to our veterinarians and technicians in the treatment area.

Andrii’s favourite part of veterinary medicine back in the Ukraine was surgery. Andrii says he is (so far) a fan of the snow here, and he has found many things to do and discover here in Manitoba alongside his wife, Inna!